Kingfishers – Year 3

Picture 1 Mr John Williams - Teacher
Picture 2
Picture 3 Mrs Jo Peachey-Austing - TA

Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Year 3 is a fun, exciting and challenging year at Winterslow Primary.  Learning together, we take  responsibility for our work and great pride in our achievements. Using our 'learning gems' as guidance, we continue to grow as enthusiastic, independent learners.

Kingfisher Topic-Web Spring Term

Kingfisher Topic-Web Spring Term 1

Kingfisher Information Letter - Spring Term

Year 3 Curriculum Grid

Super shoppers and shopkeepers (with correct change given)

Kingfishers at the dance festival

Antarctic Wharf Building Challenge with Mrs Baker

Stroll like a Neanderthal

When Santa comes to school

When Santa comes to school 1

Marvelous Magnetic Games

Kingfisher Class Compass

Kingfisher Class Compass 1

Forces - Pulley Workshop

Reading with our buddies from Chaffinch

Wonderful Maths Welly Walk

Beautiful birthday cards inspired by Michael Foreman

The New Kingfisher Class

The New Kingfisher Class 1