Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


From September 2018


Head teacher  Mrs R Bone
Deputy Head  Mrs L Fortis
Teaching Staff Mrs S Dennis
Mrs L Edgar
Mrs S Evans
Mrs K Groth (+ Inclusion Manager)
Mrs L Hill
Mrs K Malcolm
Mrs S Mawdsley
Mr P Morgan
Mr J Williams
Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Godfrey (+ MDSA)
Mrs W Jenkins
Miss V Mates (+MDSA)
Mrs H Parsons (+MDSA)
Mrs J Peachey-Austing

Mrs C Noyce
Mrs C Smith
Mrs S Walker
Mrs J Waters (+MDSA)

Admin Officers  Mrs P Venables (Finance)
Mrs T Reeves
Other Team Members Mrs C Chapman – MDSA


Teachers by class name or year group.

To find out who teaches by class name or year group you can open the classes page on the main menu.