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Bentley Woods

Kingfisher Trip to Bentley Woods


Kingfisher class really enjoyed their recent trip to Bentley woods. Here is a poem inspired by their visit, each child wrote a verse.


Our visit to Bentley Wood

By Kingfisher Class


Superb butterfly beautifully flying

Rolling dogs happily growing

Tall deer calmly strolling

Wriggly worms softly moving


Wild roots peacefully growing

Little bus sprouting carefully

Brown roots gracefully growing

Wild deer viciously charging


Green plants weaving gently

Wild trees growing slowly

Smooth branches wildly weaving

Happy moss whispering quietly


Wild deer running gracefully

Bumpy road winding crazily

Green grass shining brightly

Strolling through the creepy wood


Blue bird gently flying

Wild deer smoothly walking

Wiggly roots peacefully weaving

Smooth buds slowly rising


Happy plants peacefully growing

Brown trunks growing slowly

Superb deer springing gracefully

Wild birds gently gliding


Small trees happily stretching

Bumpy roots viciously nestling

Blue trees calmly growing

Tall plants gently moving


Blue branch wildly weaving

Small logs happily growing

Green plants rising calmly

Wild moss happily planting


Full roots weaving calmly

Spindly trees listening happily

Tall plants speedily sprouting

Cold winds gently blowing


Rolling dogs gently strolling

Green moss slowly growing

Smooth trees quickly budding 

Wild deer running calmly


Wild birds quickly flying

Big trees calmly growing

Fast deer sprinting peacefully

Dewy deer lovely walking


Wriggly roots growing calmly

Wild deer running happily

Green moss growing calmly

Little buds sprouting beautifully


Dewy moss peacefully growing

Wild deer sprinting calmly

Smooth bark tightly gripping

Blue bird quickly flying


Bumpy roots happily growing

Superb trees peacefully whispering

Wild deer sprinting calmly

Spindly plants gracefully weaving


Wild plants viciously rustling

Smooth trees calmly growing

Green leaves gently swaying

Quick birds beautifully flying


Rough roots slowly grow

Tweeting birds flying peacefully

Golden leaves crumble gracefully

Deep holes emptied quickly


Crispy leaves blowing crazily

Loud birds busily tweeting

Happy deer leaping gracefully

Prickly thorns curling viciously


Wild buds growing peacefully

Blue birds gently flying

Happy plants growing silently

Loud children planting trees


Bumpy roots calmly nestling

Happy deer jumping gracefully

Broken sticks snapping loudly

Big trees growing strongly


Wild wind blowing viciously

Tall trees towering like skyscrapers

Wild deer running gracefully

Little buds blooming slowly


Green plants happily rustling

Wild deer calmly rising

Bumpy rocks calmly nestling

Green buds gently stretching


Wild deer sprinting gracefully

Spiky brambles calmly growing

Long roots rapidly winding

Tall trees wildly sprawling


Scared deer walking fearfully

Lovely trees growing bumpily

Green buds sprouting gracefully

Strong winds viciously blowing


Bumpy roots calmly growing

Wild plants weaving viciously

Shy deer running gracefully

Tall plants growing calmly


Wild deer calmly walking

Green trees growing carefully

Small leaves slowly blowing

Smooth moss peacefully growing


Wild deer gently strolling

Green trees towering gracefully

Smooth roots happily growing

Big trees slowly rising.