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Chaffinches – Year 5


Teacher: Mr P Morgan

Teaching assistant: Mrs Noyce

Term 3 and Home Learning


Welcome to the Chaffinch Class page! This term we are continuing our topic from last term (Brazil), before immersing ourselves into the lives of the Ancient Greeks. In this topic, we will be exploring what life was like during the Ancient Greeks; their impact on the modern World; Modern Greece; The Spartan and Athenians; Olympics both past and present; their pottery and artifacts and all about the great Gods and Goddesses. 


Please feel free to do any additional work or projects to do with this- there may be space for some of these on our class display .smiley I have put some ideas in the 'additional resources' section. 


As the weather is now likely to be wet and windy, please ensure your child is equipped for the weather. This may mean an extra layer for PE days as we will be aiming to be outside for the lessons. 


The class page now looks a little different and hopefully a bit easier to navigate. Look our for the different icons to guide you to what you might be looking for. Home learning is under the different sub-headings. It may take time getting used to it, but I feel that having everything on this page will really benefit us all and make life easier. Tasks will be added to our class page by Monday of each week and these will run alongside learning in school. This will enable you to continue to support your child’s learning in a meaningful way and enables us to work together effectively. It is important that children complete the home learning each week and get into the routine of working from home. Home learning partnerships with school are crucial in supporting your child’s success and we very much look forward to working alongside you.


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