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Chaffinchs – Year 5


Teacher: Mr P Morgan

Teaching assistant: Mrs J Peachey-Austing



Week Commencing 6th July  smiley


Hi everyone!

The weekend was a very busy one for me as the parks are now open so my daughter dragged us around, what felt like, every park in Salisbury. It was also nice to see some family and friends. I hope you guys managed to get out and have a nice time. 

We had an amazing time in school last week making our chocolates. They turned out really successful and we even made some special boxes for them to go into. It was great to see that some of you had a go too. This week, the literacy focuses on two different videos. One is a Nike advert about football and the other is a music video and has links to animals. Please have a look at them and see if they interest you.


There will be a Zoom meeting this week where we can catch up, which your parents will receive details about. Look out for the details on the blog too. Have another good week everyone and remember to keep going, think positive and help around the house.


Mr Morgan and Mrs P-A

PE- Salisbury Schools Virtual Games


I have some exciting news about PE. As we would normally be doing lots of PE this term with sports day and all of the competitions against other schools, the school sports organiser has created a virtual competition. There are two competitions too! The first one is based on the 'William Lamb Challenges' which some of you have already started. The challenges are below and have a score sheet at the very bottom of the document. All you need to do is complete the challenges and fill in your score sheet and send it in to school.


The second competition has two exercises/challenges to complete each week. You need to film yourself doing the challenges and then upload them to the link provided. There are prizes and certificates to be won and you will not only be competing against others in the class and school, but children from all over Wiltshire. No one needs to see your video or know your score in case you were nervous about doing it. Just send it to the provided address. Mrs Reeves has sent more information out to parents.


Enjoy :) 


PE-Virtual school athletics challenges

Literacy - 'What if?' Nike Advert

Watch the Nike advert above!

This is an amazing advert which suggests a 'What if?' situation. Take the Rooney section, (player in white England shirt) where you see the moment his pass is cut out and he has flashes of what would happen to his life - becoming a villain, losing his fans etc. He makes the decision to tackle and this is completely contrasted with the hero status he recieves. Think about this and complete the following:


  • First, list all the different ways his life changes for the worse if he didn't make the tackle
  • Then write all the positive effects from making the tackle. 
  • Have a go at writing a contrasting story about that moment and the potential effect it could have. This could be an interview with Rooney one year down the line-how has his life changed?
  • You could even write their own example that doesn't even relate to sport - The day I missed the bus/the day I caught the bus. How did your actions or luck go on to change your day/life?

Task 2: Using the last 30 seconds, where Ronaldo is fouled and lines up the free kick, write a descriptive build up to the climax.  Describe the atmosphere of the packed stadium, what could they see? hear? smell? touch?How does he feel? 

Literacy - Music Video


If the Nike advert work above isn't your thing, have a go at this one instead.

Watch the music video for Chris Malinchak- So Good To Me below This is one of my favourite songs by the way!


  • Watch the first 20 seconds - how is the girl feeling? What makes you think that? What might she be doing?
  • Pause just before a minute - how has the girl's feelings changed? Why do you think that is? What might she have lost? What could she do now that may help?
  • Pause again at 1.42 - Has the girl's feelings changed even more now? Why do you think that maybe?
  • Once the giraffe appears - are you shocked why? How does the girl feel now?
  • Write a description of the giraffe - what does it look like? smell? feel?
  • Research and write an information text on giraffes.
  • Write a set of instructions for keeping a giraffe as a pet.
  • If you could choose any animal in the world to keep as a pet, what would it be and why? What would you do with them? How would you need to change your house to take care of it?



Good news! More 'Draw with Rob' this week. I have attached the hyperlink below to his website. In school, we are going to have a go at the 

'Monkey'. The aim is to create our own little portfolio of his drawings by the summer.





The White Rose Maths videos continue to be a useful home learning tool available via the White Rose website:

As a school we have made the decision to purchase a school subscription to White Rose so that we can provide continuity for both children and parents whilst we continue to be at home.

 Our subscription enables us to continue to provide your child with the opportunity to complete fluency and reasoning questions alongside the video lessons. The worksheets are a great way to practice the skills they are learning or revisiting. There is no expectation to print the worksheets as making notes or simple discussions are just as valuable.

 Weekly worksheets will be uploaded to class pages on a Monday to support the videos available on the White Rose website.

(If the activities are too hard, please don't be afraid to look at the year 4 or year 3 ones.) 


We continue to recommend the BBC lessons as a supplement or alternative to these resources.


Key Maths Facts

We appreciate that some days are easier than others. The links below are a great way to encourage your child to continue to practise and consolidate their key facts through online games/activities. Securing facts at each stage of  game provide a solid  foundation for your child’s addition and subtraction facts. NumBots is available on the computer as well as an app on a phone or tablet. This is often a great way for younger children to play as the keyboard is easier to navigate. Remember you must spend the majority of your time in the Garage in order to progress to more complex questions. Complete a Gig sessions carefully when it replaces the Garage session to help you progress to further challenges. Check your heat map for red/orange facts as these are the ones which you need to improve your accuracy/speed.


Back to forces this week! This week we will be looking at testing friction. Friction is defined as: 'the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another.' 


Have a go at creating your own investigation to test friction. Again complete the following in your investigation:

- prediction

-fair test (which variables will you keep the same and which ONE will you change each time?)

-method (how you are going to do it)

-results (think about best way to display them)

-analysis/evaluation (talk about your findings)

-conclusion (do your results agree with your prediction and what would you like to test/change next time?)


If you are stuck for ideas, try this: 

Using different surfaces/floors and roll a toy car down a ramp on to them. Measure the distance it rolls. Repeat each surface three times and take the average (add up then divide by 3).


Chocolate/Mayan Topic


Work through the activity list below. It would be beneficial to work through it in order- obviously, you can skip bits if you like. The activities focus on the history of the Mayan

Spellings (June 29th June)


From now until the end of term, I would like you to recap and consolidate your knowledge of the year 3/4 and 5/6 statutory spelling list. I have attached the spellings below for you to use. It is important you are as confident as possible with the year 3/4 ones. If you are, then it would be great if you are familiar and challenging yourself with the trickier 5/6 list. 


Please make sure you are learning these in a variety of ways and enjoying learning them. It would be great if you still set yourself a spelling test each week on your chosen words and had a family member test you. Don't focus on words you already know, but instead challenge yourself with the words which either catch you out, are unfamiliar or have tricky patterns. 

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