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Self Isolation Book Review

Pobble 365


Have a look over the Pobble 365 pages which I have copied the link for below. There are a range of questions to complete on each page.  

Create a Travel Brochure


We have recently been learning about Brazil and will begin to look at Greece over the next two terms. Have a go at creating your own travel brochure for a country of your choice. Think about the following topics below to help you.

- Location- continent, is it near the equator or tropics, which hemisphere is it in

- Capital city and any major cities


- Language spoken 

- Main attractions and landmarks

- Their flag

-Types of animals, the climate and landscape

- Foods eaten- are there any popular dishes?


Remember to make it clear and easy to read. You will need to remember some of the features we used when writing our information texts (subheadings, pictures, captions, paragraphs etc.) 



Below are a selection of worksheets based on the planets. In the bottom corners of the pages is a star. The more stars= the harder the questions. Have a go at completing the ones you think are suitable to your confidence. 

Space Maths- Writing numbers in words

Space Maths- Rounding

Space Maths - Mental Arithmetic