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smiley Friday 18th February smiley


Good morning Woodies!


We hope you all enjoyed a slower start to your Friday morning! We'll miss you today, but we look forward to hearing about your half term adventures once we return to school.


Below are some activities to keep you busy...

Work for absent children- 

If you are self-isolating, please complete the work below.



Professor Assessor

Please complete the Times Tables practice (please also use this time to complete outstanding weekly homework)




Choose one of the activities below:


Windy Poems

Click on the link and then scroll to the bottom to read and listen to the audio of the 'Windy Nights' poem:  

Now read the following poem: 

Which poem do you prefer? Why? 

Can you create your own 'Windy Day' poem? Have a look out of the window for inspiration!

Use the template below if you need some extra support...


Fantastic Mr Fox 

Listen to chapter 5 and 6 of Fantastic Mr Fox then answer the questions on the worksheet below. (There is a copy of chapter 5 and 6 below too!)

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:



Watch the lesson and complete the activities.


Afternoon Lessons



Can you answer all the questions correctly on the BBCBitesize quiz? 

Using all your knowledge from our topic this term, write your top 5 facts about teeth and the digestive system.

Can you remember some of the things you wanted to find out at the beginning of our topic?

Do you know the answers now?