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Build a shelter for a polar based animal. 

If you are looking for some inspiration on this snow day, have a go at creating a shelter suitable for a polar based creature (obviously it does not need to be to scale). 



Put some snow in a few bowls and conduct your own melting test.  

  1. Where does it melt the fastest – on a radiator, in the fridge, under the bed?  
  2. How long does it take to melt in each location?  

Once it’s melted, what happens if your put it back outside or in the freezer? Record your experiment and findings using words, pictures or photographs. 


Snowball target practice
Draw a target on an outside wall/or on the ground, line up some snowballs and shoot/throw to score.
Award different points for hitting different areas and keep tally. 

Or try throwing snowballs into a bucket.  Can you move the bucket further and further and still score? 



Complete the snowman themed acrostic poem. Remember, each line needs to be related to the word snowman or winter. 

How to make a tornado in a bottle.


Watch the video below to watch how to make a tornado in a bottle with some simple objects you might have at home. 


For this one, you could use a strong tape to tape the bottles together 

How to make a rain gauge