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If your child is off school but able to continue their learning, here are some activities for them to do:


Please continue to read with your child and practice the bug words in your child's reading record book. It would be fantastic if they can start to spell the words once they are able to read them by sight. They do not need to always write the words down, they can spell them out to you.


We will put a letter and number formation sheet below as children need constant reminders of which way letters and numbers go and where to start the formation of them. They can practice writing these with any resources you have, pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, mud, sauce, bubbles, in flour, rice etc. 


Maths Activities

Writing Activities

Please use the pictures as prompts to write lists of what they can see (some children may only manage the first sound of each word and this is fine), or to write short captions. If your child can write short captions can they write two starting in different ways rather than always starting 'I can see'

Science Activities