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Home Learning for week beginning 9th November


Dear Parents

This week you will find 20 questions on Professor Assessor relating to addition and subtraction.

I have attached a handwriting practise sheet for completion at home.

This week will be off to Scotland to see if we can work out where the Queen may have visited. We will make our own weaved tartan and taste shortbread biscuits. Please let me know if your child cannot have these. 

On Wednesday the children will arrive in school to find that Max, a monkey from Marwell Zoo has escaped and has come to join the Skylarks. We will begin to keep a diary of his antics over the next two weeks. He will start by telling the children he has escaped because the other monkeys were misbehaving. All is not as it seems!! Please don't tell them it will be a surprise and a really good writing motivator

Home Learning Term 2 week 1


Hello all,

Welcome back ! I hope you all had a great half term break. I would like to say a very big thank you for the amazing homework produced on London, they are fabulous posters!

I have attached some maths spelling and geography homework for this week. The maths and spelling are ongoing throughout the term so are there to be practised until the children are secure please.

We will be hearing all bug word cards this week, to see how the children are getting on with their tricky words

There will be a curriculum statement sent to you all this week with an overview of this term for you to see.

Take care everybody

Mrs Fortis

Home learning for half term

Hello All

Firstly I would like to say how very proud we all of are of our amazing Skylarks .  As little people who haven't been at school very long and have experienced a very different time to most other school starters they have embraced year one with great gusto! We have had a busy term with lots of new learning, lots of team building and time for talk, nurture and exploration.

Next term we will begin our mornings in a more formal fashion with handwriting, maths, phonics and english everyday. The afternoons will be creative and we will follow a continuous provision based environment. This means that learning will be introduced to the whole class and then the teacher will work with small groups of children to maximise attainment. Meanwhile the other children will choose from a selection of activities inside and out.

We will be starting teaching phase four in phonics. This is mainly blending (stretching ) sounds together for eg lamp  pram. Below you will find the flashcards for phase 4. Any practise you can do will be fabulous.

After half term our topic will be The Queen's Knickers. This is a story the children will love! Unfortunately during her travels the Queen has mislaid her trunk of undergarments. We will visit each country of the UK to see if we can find them. We will learn the names of the countries, traditions, capital cities and landmarks. We will be starting with England.


To produce an A4 or A3 poster showing everything they can find out of interest about LONDON It can include pictures and writing, drawn or printed, be creative. I will really look forward to seeing them. Please could they come into school on Monday 2nd November.

We will change reading books today and check bug words

Above all I wish you all a well deserved break and have a lovely half term holiday

Mrs Fortis

Home learning for the week beginning the 12th October


Hello Parents,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 

There will be no 1-1 reading this week in school. We will change books tomorrow as usual. We will instead be carrying out some 1-1 phonic assessments to see how many of the taught phase 3 phonics your child has retained. I have attached these for your information and any practise would be great.

The term one super spellings I attached in week one will be assessed by Mrs Edgar on Friday this week.

We will also be assessing taught maths and history in class this week too. 

Wednesday is going to be a fantastic day. We have called it Reach for the Stars day and will be full of aspirational ideas. Children need to come to school in trainers tracksuit bottoms with school jumper . No hoodies allowed please. I have also arranged for the Skylarks to have an archery lesson with Paul Hardiman on this day. Rest assured the bows are completely safe and have suction cap ends!

Happy learning

Mrs Fortis