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Your child will be given a sticker at the front of their reading record book to identify their spelling group. Your child’s spellings will be tested in school every Monday.

Weekly Spellings (WB 18/1/21):


It is important that you hear your child read regularly at home. We recommend a minimum of five times a week. Reading record books are handed in to Miss McDermott every Monday and children can earn a raffle ticket if they have recorded 7 or more reads in a week. Please record your child's reading at home by dating and signing their record book, so we can ensure your child is receiving support with their reading. 

We have talked about how to use the reading record books as a place to record the book your child is reading, to write down any recommendations, to record new vocabulary and write down the meaning of the word, or phrase, and to write book reviews. There are also two help sheets glued in their books to help you as an adult when you discuss a book with them. Please ensure that they comprehend the text, so that is why discussing it is so important. Within the text, there should be are a few words they do not know, otherwise the book is probably too easy for them. We will provide a reading text, or text with comprehension questions, for your child and we might then refer to it the following week in lessons. There may be questions to answer, which you can discuss or record, as you wish.