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New Spelling Homework 2022!

The children are very good at learning their weekly spellings but as a class we have noticed that we struggle to implement these words correctly into our writing. As a result, our spelling homework will look a little different from now on! 


This term, you will be given the spelling pattern first with only a few spelling words. As part of your homework, you must find more examples of words that follow the pattern and add them to your list. It is up to you how many words you choose to add to your list (please don't overload yourself with too many words... the most important part is that you remember the pattern not how many words you can find!) You can find more examples in books, in tasks at school or on the internet. 


If you get stuck, I have included some suggested spelling words below! You may pick a few from my own list. 


On our Monday spelling test, you will be tested on a random selection of words that follow the spelling pattern. 


Weekly Spellings

Week beginning 17/1/22

Tested on: 24/1/22

Miss McD's Spelling List Suggestions


We have talked about how to use the reading record books as a place to record the book your child is reading, to write down any recommendations, to record new vocabulary and write down the meaning of the word, or phrase, and to write book reviews. There are also two help sheets glued in their books to help you as an adult when you discuss a book with them. At this stage, your child is aiming to read fluently with expression. They also need to check that they comprehend the text, so that is why discussing it is so important. Within the text, there should be are a few words they do not know , otherwise the book is probably too easy for them.

Ideally, your child is reading daily. This can include their book, instructions, newspapers, magazines etc.

We will provide a reading text, or text with comprehension questions, for your child and we might then refer to it the following week in lessons. There may be questions to answer, which you can discuss or record, as you wish.