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During Term Five and Six we are trialling a different way to support our children with learning, practising and consolidating spelling rules so that they are able to embed these in their long term memory. 


Following diagnostic assessment at the beginning of this term, your child will be given a spelling rule focus, an explanation of the rule and one/two tasks to complete during the week at home. This will help them to learn to practise and apply words and find additional words and exceptions rather than just learning a list which only aids their short term memory. 


In school on a Friday, we will give children a selection of words to explore and write by applying the focus rule of the week. They will not be given a traditional 'score out of ten' but we will help them to evaluate their understanding and confidence with each weekly focus. 


We will provide time for you to practise these in school across the week and expect you to also practise these at home to help yourself be the best you can be!



It is important that you hear your child read regularly at home. We recommend a minimum of five times a week. Reading record books are no longer being sent to and from school in line with current covid-19 regulations. Children can continue to use their reading records at home if they'd like.


If you would like additional books and/or have enjoyed our Rising Stars subscription during lockdown then please come and speak to us and we will add more e-books to your platform.