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Friday 18th February

Please watch this story and listen carefully to all of the things the wind takes.

What a lovely story, can you remember what the wind took?

We would like you to write a list of as many items as you can remember that the wind took in the story. Don't forget that a list goes down the paper one word under the next like this...






Remember to use your phonics to help you with the sounds and how to write them. We have added the phase 2 and phase 3 sound mat to help you.

Phase 2 sound mat

Phase 3 sound mat






Home Learning

The best way to support your Robin at home is to reinforce that reading and writing is FUN! Please stay positive, and show your child that you enjoy reading and writing too. Please see the reception staff if you would like any help or ideas of other ways to support your child.

Reading - Please make a special time to hear your child read to you, and be positive about the experience. Ideally listen to your child read every day for five to ten minutes. Please remember it is as important for your child to talk about what is happening in the story, as it is them being able to read the words, so take time to ask appropriate simple questions about the story and characters, and chat about any links to your child's life. Each book should be read at least THREE times - at first your child will be using all his/her attention on decoding the words, but on a second and third reading s/he can focus on understanding and enjoying the story.


Bug Precision Words - Your child will be bringing home high frequency words. In order to help your child to become a fluent reader they should practice reading the words we send home daily as this will increase the recognition of these words which in turn will help them read more fluently.  Taking the time to build their accuracy with sight reading these words will have a huge positive impact on their ability to read successfully and confidently. Your child will not move on to the next set of words until s/he can read these words by sight (rather than reading each sound and then blending together).


Letter Formation - Please help your child practise their letter formation as we teach new sounds to your child. This could be done with crayons, chalk, pens, in glitter, rice, ketchup, in the bath bubbles, mud - anywhere your child can make marks and play - get creative and share on Tapestry. It is important that you encourage your child to form their letters correctly, not removing their pencil from the paper until the letter is completed.