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Friday 18th February

Let's play a game 

We have been using playing cards this week in our maths sessions and would like you to have a game too. 

Find a pack of cards, ask your child how they think they could make sure everyone has the same number of cards and then let them deal them out the cards.

Play a game of snap making sure everyone says the number on their card (this is to help sight recognition of the numbers) we only used cards up to six in class but you could use the whole set.

Once you have played a game or two ask your child if they could put the cards in number order for each suit up to the number five - we did this in class this week, remind the children that the numbers go from left to right like when we are reading or writing. If you want to challenge your child they could put the numbers in order up to 10. 


You could extend this further by rolling a dice and asking what is one more than (whatever number is on the dice) or what is one less than (whatever number is on the dice).




Home Learning

There are plenty of things that you can do to support your Robin at home, and have fun in the process: play board games with dice; do some baking; count forwards or backwards; spot numbers on doors, cars or road signs; watch Numberblocks episodes, sing counting songs and so much more. Please ask the reception staff if you would like more information or ideas, we are always happy to help!


Number Formation - please use this link to see how we form our letters and spend a couple of minutes a day practising how to write the numbers. 

Maths Facts To Practice This Term