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We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the service families joining our school. We are happy to support in any way we can. Due to the transient nature of service families, we are very experienced at helping new children settle into our school.


Please use this link to view the government site for information regarding our Service Pupil premium


Forces Fun Club


Our names are Harry and Emily and, with a little help from Mrs Evans and Miss Mates, we run the Forces Fun Club (FFC) at Winterslow School.


Hello I'm Harry and I like helping people with problems.I like sport as it's my favourite subject. I usually arrange the sport activities.


Hello I'm Emily and I like to make people feel happy. My hobbies are horse riding and my favourite animals are rats! I like FFC because I enjoy all the activities that we do and I like helping all the younger children.


The FFC is a fun club that meets every Wednesday. With the help of Miss Mates, we plan fun activities for any children who have (or have had) experience of our parents in the armed forces. The club gives us a chance to talk to other children who have had similar experiences as us, so we can share our feelings and talk to someone who understands. Mrs Evans has also had experience with a member of the family in the forces, and Miss Mates is trained in emotional literacy support. 


Forces Fun club is a 'drop in' club, so each week, children can choose to come or not. These are some of the activities that we have done together:

  • lego
  • Kurling
  • mindfulness colouring
  • baking/ biscuit decorating
  • playing board games

If you have (or have experienced) a parent in the armed forces then we would love you to join our club. Come and join in the fun!