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PLACE Project

Inspirational Leaders Presentation

We are involved in a fabulous project called PLACES

fully funded (Erasmus+).


The PLACE project is in partnership with Cumbria DEC, Sever in the Czech Republic, DEED Dorset and Sosna in Slovakia.
The overall aim is to develop a menu of tools and resources to support schools and teachers to equipping and empower children as local and global change agents and in becoming resilient and healthy global citizens. 

We have linked with a local environmental education centre and school in Slovakia


It was an honour and inspiration for a member of our staff to visit these places in 2022

We continue to work with some fabulous practitioner and to share their ideas and approach. We focused on the following areas:
Philosophy for Children - P4C develops in children the fundamental skill of being able to ponder and engage with deep questions about the world. P4C is about learning to think in Critical, Caring, Creative and Collaborative ways.
Questing – questing is an approach to interpreting local heritage. At the end of the quest treasure may be found!
Natural and Therapeutic Gardening – where plants, food and nature grow in harmony
Community Activism – this means engaging young people in issues, supporting them to reach out and link with their local communities, and empowering them so their voices can be heard.


International learning is something we are passionate about as a school and we look forward to developing this key area in our curriculum.