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Head teacher Mrs R Bone
Deputy Head Mrs L Stacey
Teaching Staff

Mrs S Dennis
Mrs L Edgar
Mrs S Evans
Mrs K Groth (+ Inclusion Manager)
Miss E McDermott
Mrs K Malcolm
Mr P Morgan

Mrs K Shaw
Mrs J Monk

Mrs C Taylor (PP Support)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Christmas

Mrs W Jenkins
Mrs D Nowell
Mrs H Parsons (+MDSA)
Mrs J Peachey-Austing

Mrs C Noyce 
Mrs S Walker

Mrs J Waters (+MDSA)

Mrs C Chapman (+MDSA)

Admin Officers Mrs M Scarrett (Finance)
Mrs T Reeves


Teachers by class name or year group.

To find out who teaches by class name or year group you can open the classes page on the main menu.



We currently have a vacancy for the following position:

Midday Supervisory Assistant (MDSA)