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Chaffinches – Year 5

Welcome to Chaffinch Class!


We are very lucky this year to be in a brand new room which used to be the ICT suite. 

Term 3:

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. This term our topic is all about the monarchy and significant Kings and Queens who have reigned in our country. This is a new topic for year 5 and is full of opportunities for the children to discover what life was like through different eras of history and how the monarch of that time ruled the country. We will be learning about a range of monarchs including William the Conqueror, Henry viii, King John and the Modern Royal Family. I am looking forward to hosting a banquet fit for a royal, making crowns and castles and looking at our own family trees. 


In literacy, at the beginning of the term, we will be writing our own autobiographies. To support the children in this, it would be great if they could have any photocopies or extra print outs of any photos of themselves or of significant parts of their life which they can add to their writing. 


For more information on the content covered this term, please refer to the curriculum grid for year 5. 



Teacher: Mr P Morgan

Teaching assistant: Mrs Peachey-Austing


Jubilee- Jackson Pollock inspired artwork

Chinese New Year

Year 5 and 6 Word List