Woodpeckers – Year 4

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                 Class Teacher: Miss E McDermott                                                                                                          Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Noyce



Welcome to Woodpeckers!


We are so excited about this year and have planned some inspiring topics for us all to become immersed in. Please come and find us if you have any questions. We are on the playground every morning and after school, and you are most welcome to book an appointment to see one of the team if you require.

Another update!yes


Hello everyone,


I hope you're still being nice to your parents and aren't too bored! I have been keeping busy by doing a lot of reading, cooking and walking my dog. I am reading so much that I am running out of books so it would be great to hear some recommendations of good books you are reading/have read and you can post these on the blog. I have really loved reading your posts on the class blog, it is comforting to know you're all ok and having lots of fun by the looks of things.  If you haven't posted on the blog yet I would love to hear from you and if you're having trouble logging on then you can ring the school and someone will be able to help you! 


I have been keeping up with Joe Wicks every day but am starting to wonder how he has so much energy so early in the mornings and still manages to jump around like a lunatic with a broken hand???  


I'm so grateful for the beautiful weather have been having because it has meant I can spend lots of time outside. Despite the glorious weather, I am missing you all very much and can't wait to see you bunch of banana brains again!  You have to promise me you won't grow too much before we go back to school!? If any of you end up taller than me then I might just have to chop your feet off....  I, on the other hand, am going to return to school looking like an oreo because I'm afraid I have consumed so many biscuits that I will turn into one!!


Stay safe

Miss McDermott x


Maths Home Learning


As we continue to provide useful suggestions for home learning tasks we would like to direct you to the White Rose Maths website to enable you to continue to support your child’s mathematical learning whilst we are not at school. 

The website is generating weekly sets of home learning for each academic year group (from EYFS-Y6) and tasks will be presented in a way in which your child is familiar with from their school lessons. Each session consists of a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully, a worksheet of carefully selected questions and an answer sheets for the questions completed. We recommend that alongside the frequent use of Times Table Rockstars and/or NumBots you take the opportunity to use these fantastic sets of Maths resources (for your child’s year group only) at home to continue to support your child. 

Helpful stuff for parents 


The Wiltshire Council have put together a list of useful links to keep everyone entertained until we're back at school! They have also provided advice on 'Looking after yourself, looking after your children' which is all about the importance of mental health and gives information and techniques to help deal with the changes to our lives. 


Follow the links below:

What are we learning this term?

Woodpeckers Curriculum Grid

Our spellings this week

Our spellings this week 1
Year 3 and 4 Word list

Home Learning Links


I have put together a list of links to useful home learning resources across all subjects as well as educational games and creative ideas to keep everyone entertained until we're back at school! - We watch Newsround daily in class and it dicusses current news in a child-friendly way. - Maths and Reading home learning resources which include; interactive games, video tutorials and downloadable home learning packs. - We follow the White Rose Maths scheme in school and they have now prepared a series of 5 Maths lessons for each year group (5 more will be added each week). Each lesson comes with a video guide for parents. - videos, quizzes and printable activities on a huge variety of science topics. - Short audio sessions to help with mindfulness. - Videos and activities to support with Maths, Literacy, PSHE and P.E. - Science videos, printable and hands-on activities that follow the National Curriculum. - Interactive Maths games. A class favourite is 'daily ten' which we play every day and this is a quick and easy way to practise mental Maths. - We use the rolling numbers chant to practise our times tables. - Science, Geography, History and Art resources. - Every day, you'll find an interesting picture and writing to inspire writing. - Twinkl is a great site filled with printable home learning resources. They are offering free access whilst the schools are closed. - An interactive experience of the British Museum (check out the Ancient Egypt exhibit!). - Joe Wicks is offering daily live P.E lessons for children at 9am Monday to Friday via his youtube channel. 








Wlitshire Cricket Activity Book