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Our Sparkly Curriculum

Welcome to our Creative Curriculum Section 


At Winterslow Primary School, we value and respect the uniqueness of every child recognising and nurturing their potential for learning. Our aim, through our tailor-made curriculum, is to enable each child to participate fully in current and future society as a responsible, self-confident citizen.


We believe that our curriculum offers a balance between understanding and using knowledge as well as developing and applying skills, leading to better understanding and progression for our pupils ensuring they are ready to face the next steps in their educational journeys.


Our curriculum has been designed with the following principles:


(1) We teach a topic based approach to learning. A progression of knowledge is evident year on year and children have opportunities to build upon previous learning. This enables us to make relevant links between learning and allows opportunities for whole school projects encouraging a sense of whole school unity and lots of fun!


(2) Our curriculum fully engages with our beautiful environment. This makes our children more observant and helps foster a sense of responsibility and belonging. Maximising our rural environment and becoming a forest school, whilst educating our children on national and global diversity helps foster responsible outward facing global citizens of the future.


(3) Our sparkly learning gems ensure our curriculum embeds personal metacognition development. We understand the importance of children understanding how they learn best and we actively support children with this.


(4) Our four key values of thankfulness, trust, passion and responsibility are weaved throughout our curriculum ensuring rich understanding and underpins the Christian ethos and distinctiveness of our school.


How do we ensure effective implementation?


We believe that it is our responsibility to develop Literacy and Numeracy skills for all of our pupils.

Using the Early Years Foundation Stage Strategy and National Curriculum as a basis, age-appropriate progression and knowledge for each core and foundation subject has been identified. Staff and Subject Leaders carefully select the sequence of when, what and how knowledge is taught and strive to ensure children have rich learning opportunities within and beyond our classrooms. 

Our Curriculum at Winterslow 


Topic-Based Learning involves combining some curriculum subjects and allows students to explore subject matter at greater depth and to make better connections between different areas of learning. Studying a main ‘topic’ each half term enables children to develop a better understanding of what they are learning and allows them to have more fun doing it. It also recognises that children have different skills and talents and this allows them to play to their strengths. If your passion is art, during a topic this may be the area that really engages you and helps you understand in a different way the passing of time, or differences in location. This way you don’t have to wait for an art based topic to be able to show off your skills.


Discrete subjects certainly still have their place. Where there are not natural opportunities for coverage of a subject within some topics these are taught separately; ensuring high expectations and good progress and attainment are maximised.


We have worked on a whole school curriculum map. This will show at a glance how all of our learning fits together.

Please contact your child's class teacher if you would like more information on the curriculum or alternatively , please see the National Curriculum information on the Department for Education website at: