Kingfishers – Year 3

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Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Year 3 is a fun, exciting and challenging year at Winterslow Primary.  Learning together, we take  responsibility for our work and great pride in our achievements. Using our 'learning gems' as guidance, we continue to grow as enthusiastic, independent learners.


Wednesday 25th March


Hello Kingfishers cool It is me, Mr Williams from school.

Do you remember School?

Happy Happy ... ... Happy Happy ...

and Asi es la cosa ...... . 

I hope this finds you well and adjusting to the big changes that have been happening. It is definitely taking a bit of getting used to, right? 

I am missing you all so have invented a coping strategy for myself. It involves me setting up a bunch of teddies (like in a classroom) and keeping an eye on them - checking  that everyone is: making  'ruby powered' decisions... hmm, not fiddling ... hmm, being nice to each other and washing their hands! It makes life feel a bit more 'normal' to me... 'Use your whisper voice please, High Vis Jeff'.

disclaimer: the teddies are not social distancing because they are not affected by the virus. 

You all know that we need to:

stay at home

keep our distance 

wash our hands


What have you all been up to? There are some fun activities in the Easter work book - feel free to tackle them in any order you fancy.

I will check back in on here next week. Until then , take care of yourselves and each other.

          Kindest regards

              Mr Williams




Home Learning 

The Wiltshire Council have put together a list of links to useful home learning resources, across all subjects, as well as educational games and creative ideas to keep everyone entertained until we're back at school!

Also, they have provided sound advice on 'Looking after yourself, looking after your children'. The paper states the importance of mental health in a time like this and gives information and techniques to help deal with the changes to all of our routines.



As we continue to provide useful suggestions for home learning tasks we would like to direct you to the White Rose Maths website to enable you to continue to support your child’s mathematical learning whilst we are not at school.

The website is generating weekly sets of home learning for each academic year group (from EYFS-Y6) and tasks will be presented in a way in which your child is familiar with from their school lessons. Each session consists of a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully, a worksheet of carefully selected questions and an answer sheets for the questions completed. We recommend that alongside the frequent use of Times Table Rockstars and/or NumBots you take the opportunity to use these fantastic sets of Maths resources (for your child’s year group only) at home to continue to support your child.  

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Useful Links

Wlitshire Cricket Activity Book

Year 3 Curriculum Grid