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Kingfishers – Year 3

Welcome to Kingfishers

Welcome to Year 3 class page. We have had a wonderful start to the school year in Kingfisher's class starting this terms topic on the Stone Age and getting to know each other ready to write short biography's. We have a fun and exciting year ahead with topics such as 'Where in the world is China', 'Egyptians' and 'Rivers. What a lucky teacher I am to teach such a wonderful class. 

Kingfishers class teacher is Mrs Monk. Mrs Peachy Austing and Mrs Chapman are both class teaching assistants in Kingfishers class.

 Term 2

What a wonderful first term we have had! Term 2 proves to be just as fun and exciting with our fun 'Forest Schools' sessions on a Friday as well as learning how to play the ukulele on Tuesdays. Our topic this term is 'Where in the world is China', which will involve learning about human and physical features of China as well as understanding similarities and differences...we may even try to make and taste some Chinese food dishes!


Children will continue to use Professor Assessor for maths homework which will be set each week. They each have a login in their reading diary's. 

Please listen to your child read and sign their reading diary. 

Spelling sheets will be sent home in folders each Friday and should be returned by the following Friday to go through as a class. 

As the weather changes on a daily basis, please ensure your child brings in a coat. 


PE lesson's this term will be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure weather appropriate PE kit is worn for each of these days



Spring Term 1


Welcome back after an exciting and busy Autum 2 term. This terms starts of with our new enquiry into 'Ancient Egypt'. We will becoming histirians and exploring what life was like in Ancient Egypt and how it has impacted the world we live in today. We will discover artefacts and art and even become designers where we will design and make our own canopic jars. 


Home learning will be sent out on a Friday and should be completed by the following Friday. This will continue to include an activity on Professor Assessor and a spelling sheet. Please continue to practice the spellings at home. Please continue to read daily as it is a vital skill to have. 


PE will be on a Tuesday and a Friday. Our Welly walk will be on Monday the 23rd January, where we will be exploring our wonderful environment. 

Spring Term 2


This term continues with our exciting enquiry led question ' How did Ancient Egypt affect the world we know today?'. We have had a great start looking into what hieroglyphics are and how they were used. We had fun searching for hieroglyphic stones that we had to decode to read a secret message! 


PE this term will be on a Wednesday and a Friday. Please remember to bring in warm clothes as we will be doing PE outside as much as possible. 

We have had fun decoding hieroglyphics and writing our names in hieroglyphics.

We have had fun looking into Ancient Egypt! We have made 'Egyptian' art using pastels, worked in teams on an 'Egyptian' themed orienteering exercise and mummified oranges!

We had fun on our welly walk looking for things to make Stone Age tools.

We had lots of fun pretending we were in the Stone Age making a camp fire and imitating cooking food on it. We pretended the marshmellows were food types from the Stone Age.

Our trip to Stone Henge

We had some special visitors come to school to see us. We learnt all about taking care of calves.

We had fun making Christmas tree decorations, stockings. We has to design our stockings, cut the material and then carefully sew them together before decorating.

Having fun building dens at Forest School