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EYFS Curriculum

Throughout the reception year your child will be exposed to lots of lovely language-rich stories, and these will be used by both the teachers and the children to direct their learning experiences. We 'hook' the children in to their learning with a new surprise each week, and follow whichever exciting adventure then follows on from their enthusiasm!


Learning in Reception class comes from a mix of carpet sessions and play sessions (in which the children lead by exploring their own interests, and the adults join in their play to encourage the learning/practising of child-specific skills and knowledge).


The books that we have chosen for the curriculum are grouped into themes, so that each term the children will have a new topic, accompanied by an enquiry question. For example, the books may be based around animals (near and far) or superheroes.


The Department for England (DFE) sets the basic requirements of what children should learn at school. In years 1-6 this takes the form of the National Curriculum (Key Stage 1, years 1-2; Lower Key Stage 2, years 3-4 and Upper Key Stage 2, years 5-6). In Reception this takes the form of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). More information about the EYFS, and the key skills and knowledge that your child will be taught, can be found below.

The EYFS areas of learning