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Parent Questionnaire and Feedback

Parent Questionnaire Feedback


Many thanks to the parents that filled in our school questionnaires. We welcome any feedback that enables us to continue good practise and gives us areas to work on going forward.

A summary of what are we doing well?   Staff are friendly, approachable and kind with the wellbeing of pupils at heart. Head teacher and Office staff are approachable and efficient. Our curriculum is vibrant, engaging and exciting. The school has a lovely family atmosphere. We were really pleased to see that our numbers for bullying are low but where there were incidents, these had largely been dealt with well.  We have recently reviewed and improved our approach.
We also had lots of super individual feedback, thank you.

Common areas for us to work on1. Offering after school clubs. 2. More timely communication to give parents fair warning. 3. To see the profile of music raised in our school.  After school clubs will commence again in September. Mrs Stacey is planning to start a choir and to re-introduce a forum for sharing musical talents. We are also in the process of reviewing our communication approach.


Parent Testimonials


“My daughter is really happy at school and for me, this is the most important thing because if they’re happy they will learn! Feels like a lovely friendly community!”


“It feels like being part of an extended family; all the staff contribute positively to the development of the pupils and go above and beyond to ensure each individual’s personalities shine through. There are so many additional extra curricular opportunities offered; we love that the Winterslow way focuses not just on the academic, but also on developing an inner resilience and confidence which will give them the tools to flourish beyond their years in school. “



“Mrs Bone is an inspirational head mistress doing a fantastic job running the school, Mrs Reeves is so efficient and always extremely helpful. Mrs Groth is wonderful at spotting and supporting children.
As well as many other amazing teachers that are so brilliant and give the school a lovely family atmosphere, thank you to all of you! “