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Robins – Reception

A busy Second Term!


Our Robins have been having so much fun!

The term began with a special egg to take care of and we were excited to watch it hatch. We enjoyed drawing pictures of what we thought might be in it, and were delighted when out popped a penguin!! 

One day we arrived at school to find footprints and a trail to follow - we discovered we were following Stickman's journey and we ended up making our own Stickman trail through our school and creating our own Stickman story.

One week we had an inflatable boat in our classroom (yes, a boat!). The children decided to make their own fishing rods, and went on a picnic - writing a shopping list and making their own lunch.

Not long after the boat, a tent arrived! We explored all the camping equipment and had a lovely time inventing our own adventures. We drew pictures of where we wanted to go, decided how we were going to get there, and even drew a disaster that we would have to escape.

Also this term, we discovered a dark tent in the classroom, with a special book that could only be read by torchlight. It was all about hibernating animals and we enjoyed learning about these, drawing our own and making hedgehog homes that we tested for their waterproof and windproof properties.

The term has ended with a parcel from the Jolly Christmas Postman. We have learnt about the Royal Mail postal system, and written and posted our own letters - including a trip to the local postbox and a quick hello to the local shop keeper and post office staff. What a busy term!

Welcome to Robins Class

Every day in Robins class is a new, exciting adventure! Our children learn that they are part of a new, wonderful team, both inside the classroom, and in Winterslow school. By learning through play, we help our Robins to become independent, confident learners. They have some structured, adult-directed sessions, but we also let the children decide how they want to learn, with an emphasis on 'having a go.'





Hooks Into Books


Our Curriculum is a literacy based curriculum. We have a new, quality text each week, using an exciting hook to help the children to 'live' the story. This makes for a very engaging and exciting curriculum, which in turn motivates and encourages our Robins into mark making, writing and reading with enthusiasm.


Adventures that our Robins undertake, might include: finding an unusual object in the classroom; grabbing a magnifying glass and searching for clues; hunting for animals in the Plantation, or watching the adults put on a show. These are only a few of the many exciting activities your child will experience in Robins class!


Wow! What a fantastic start to the new school year. Robins have been very busy already in their new classroom. Have a look below to see some of the activities they have been up to...

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