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Welcome to Robins Class!


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Welcome to Robins 


In Robins class the children learn to become part of a team... it is where the foundations are put into place to help every child become an independent, confident learner. The children are taught through planned challenges and self initiated tasks. We encourage the children to ask questions such as how? and why? to help them develop their understanding and learning.

Mini Beast Topic this week is all about Friendly Flies (6th July 2020)

Self Care and Mindfulness


Here are some lovely activities for Mindfulness. These can be used to help your child to feel calmer in this topsy turvey time we find ourselves. They will help your child to understand the different feelings they may have, which could include; frustration, happiness, sadness, anger, confusion or fear. It is ok to feel any of these feelings/emotions but they may need help in understanding how each one makes them feel inside, tummy aches, wriggly tummies, fidgety etc. and will show techniques about how they can help themselves. The children love these activities in class, try some out and let me know which are your favourites!



As we continue to provide useful suggestions for home learning tasks we would like to direct you to the White Rose Maths website to enable you to continue to support your child’s mathematical learning whilst we are not at school.

The website is generating weekly sets of home learning for each academic year group (from EYFS-Y6) and tasks will be presented in a way in which your child is familiar with from their school lessons. Each session consists of a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully, a worksheet of carefully selected questions and an answer sheets for the questions completed. We recommend that alongside the frequent use of NumBots you take the opportunity to use these fantastic sets of Maths resources (for your child’s year group only) at home to continue to support your child.




Please continue to hear your child read daily (where possible) and as many different types of materials as possible, books, comics, instructions for games or recipes.

Please continue to encourage your child to write, we sound out in class to help us spell our words (they may not look correct but this is perfectly acceptable) you soon become tuned in and able to read most of what is written and it encourages the children to use their phonic knowledge in their writing.

I love reading what the children have written. A child is much more likely to write if they have a purpose - letters to post, instructions to help others such as; planting seeds, making dens, making pizzas, making sandwiches, birthday cards, or creating treasure hunt notes. Be creative and show me all your beautiful writing on Tapestry.


Here is a link to Phase 2 and 3 soundmats - we have covered all of these sounds in class



I am sharing a link for you all. This is a teacher teaching phonics sounds from Phase 3. We have covered all the sounds in Phase 3, however without daily visits like we do in class your child may need a reminder. There are lots of actions and songs he sings. Please take a look.



I am sure that by now you have all read the books you took home multiple times. Here is a link to The Oxford Reading Tree where you can read lots more different books.



Understanding the World


Take time to really look outside the window or in your garden, or maybe when you go for a walk and notice the changes. Discuss what is happening in nature - ask questions to prompt discussions such as... what has stayed the same? what has changed? I wonder why? Can you explain? Do you think it will change? Which part/why do you think that?

Plant seeds and look after them, do they grow? How long before you see shoots? what do they need to survive? Why? How?

Take time to look through photographs of your family from years ago to present and ask your child to explain any similarities/differences they can see. What has happened as the people have got older? Do any people in the pictures look the same? Which parts? (hair colour/eyes etc) I wonder why? 

Talk about how people in your local community are pulling together to help each other out - shopping for people who are unable to get to the shops, clapping to support all the doctors and nurses helping us to stay healthy and look after us.



Keeping active is one of the ways we can help ourselves feel happy and positive. Choose one of these activities to get yourself moving this week:

The Body Coach -

Cosmic Kids Yoga -

Oti Mabuse-


Don't forget you can go for a walk daily too!

Expressive Arts and Design


This is such a wide topic and covers lots including singing, dancing, making music (maybe from everyday objects), making cakes, manipulating play dough, junk modelling and painting.  You could even try painting with different tools (fingers, twigs, grass, leaves, pebbles etc). Make up stories (Twinkl have some lovely story stones or puppets you could make to help you - I have added some links to start you off). You could even make up different endings to well know stories. I'd love to read them on Tapestry if you make stories up - or even better get Mummy or Daddy to record you reading/acting out the story.


Some story stones to start you off


Here is the recipe we use for play dough -

My News


I will continue to send my news to you via Tapestry.  This is a more personal approach as we can interact on the pictures and send messages to each other.  smiley

Swallows helping Robins with their Mother's Day Cards

Our Latest Photos

Here are some useful websites to use with your child at home...

VE Day Bunting