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Term 3: 

Hello Swallows

I have now changed my message to you all as, due to the lockdown, we are now nearly all working and learning from home.

However, you have been brilliant during the first week and I know that you and the Year 6 staff have been learning very quickly how to use Google Classrooms. We have been amazed with your ability to access the work, complete it and even return images to us so soon after we started this new way of learning, so thank you for being so adaptable and resilient to everything which is going on.


We are now studying the Shang Dynasty for our topic, which is very interesting as there is so much to learn. To help you, I have added some website links in the additional resources section below, so open it up and have a look.

The spellings will now be on our Google Classroom page, so then all the tasks will appear on your to do list during the week. However, I will add all the spellings here for the term in case you cannot access the classroom for some reason.

Mrs M

Times tables

You will have the weekly maths homework as usual, however we also need to revisit times tables. You must know these as they will help you in nearly all your maths, so please print out the times table revision sheet for you to refer to at home. (It is in the maths section.)


New spelling homework

We found out, in your last spelling assessment, that you are still not finding the year 3 and 4 spelling rules that easy, so we will be adding them to your weekly spelling lists. When you get your spelling list, you will need to see what other words you can find which follow the rule/s.  Once you have found some more write them down in the table, then look at Mrs M's list to see how many of mine you found, or maybe you have other words which I did not think of.

Mrs Evans will select any words, suitable for your age group, which use the rule for your weekly test, so they could be some of the words which you found or Mrs M did. It is about you getting more actively involved with your spellings, and hopefully this will help you to remember the rules better. 


We are looking forward to another fun term with you all,

Mrs Mawdsley, Mrs Walker and Mrs Evans


Special event this week:

Just remember to bring in any spare trainers/wellies to wear on the field, when possible. You might also have some waterproof trousers which you can slip on and so keep your clothing clean and dry for the afternoon. Thursdays are still PE afternoons, so wear suitable clothing as it can get cold and wet.

Our Welly Walk and Treasure Hunt

Useful Links

Grammar Exercises

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