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Welcome to Swallows Class


Mrs Mawdsley                                                          Mrs Evans                                                                 Mrs Walker

Class Teacher                                                          Class Teacher                                                         Teaching Assistant

Hello Swallows, 

We have really enjoyed our first full week with you all and it has been lovely to see all your energy, enthusiasm and participation in the lessons. Seeing you as a class again is great, and we think that this will be a good year as you are all keen to learn - we have also noted what a polite and friendly group you are.

This term we will be learning about the world-famous Magna Carta which is in our very own cathedral, and how it has affected our lives now. You have all been sent the overview, but it is below if you want to see it again. 

PE is now every Thursday and all afternoon, but you had all remembered that as you were suitably dressed, which was very impressive. We have discussed ideas about seeing our buddies using Zoom and I know that Mrs Bone is thinking about the Year 6 roles in school and what would work this year, so please wait for further details.

Your home learning is below, so have a look so that you are ready for the following week.

Best wishes from, 

Mrs Mawdsley, Mrs Walker and Mrs Evans


Swallows overview for this term

Spelling rules from previous years

At the start of the autumn term, we test the children on the Year 1, 2 ,3 and 4 spelling rules to see which ones we need to revisit. These rules are very important and are in many words which we all use on a daily basis, so the children really need to know them and how to apply them. These skills will enable the children to extend their vocabulary as they will be able to both read and write more words. We do explain to the children that although the rules help with most words, it is the fact that there are always exceptions, and these need to be learnt as well. 

We have a record of how the children did in these assessments at the start of term and we will re-assess at the end of term 1.  If the children are still not secure, we will assess again at the end of term 2. We may not use the actual words in the original test as we are looking to see that your child can apply the rule to similar or even harder words - only then do we know that they have understood the work and that will help them in their future lives. In class, we have been revisiting the rules which most children found hard during spelling sessions and other lessons.

Please could you help your child to learn these rules and patterns by looking for more words. You could:

1. Look in their reading book to find words following the same rule/pattern.

2. Collect words on a poster in the house.

3. Use coloured pencils to highlight the rule/pattern in the words.

4. Circle words with the rule/pattern in a suitable newspaper or magazine article.

5. Write the root word in the middle column and then add prefixes and suffixes ie 

port is the root word

then you could add re as a prefix or -ing as a suffix to make new words.

Please see a copy of the assessments in the section below this.


Spelling rules from previous years - the assessments

Spellings for this week

Previous weeks' spellings


Professor Assessor- Using their log in your child will be able to access their weekly home learning task set through Professor Assessor. Your child may initially need some support to navigate the platform (logging on and accessing the tasks) but we politely request that you allow them to complete the questions as independently as possible. (They may need a pen and paper to make notes as they complete the tasks.) This will enable us to use the completed home learning to provide focussed support where required.


Times Tables- Please can you continue to help your child to learn these as they need quick recall of the times table facts in order to access other maths in Year 6.

KIRFS - maths skills


We have talked about how to use the reading record books as a place to record the book your child is reading, to write down any recommendations, to record new vocabulary and write down the meaning of the word, or phrase, and to write book reviews. There are also two help sheets glued in their books to help you as an adult when you discuss a book with them. At this stage, your child is aiming to read fluently with expression. They also need to check that they comprehend the text, so that is why discussing it is so important. Within the text, there should be are a few words they do not know , otherwise the book is probably too easy for them.

Ideally, your child is reading daily. This can include their book, instructions, newspapers, magazines etc.

We will provide a reading text, or text with comprehension questions, for your child and we might then refer to it the following week in lessons. There may be questions to answer, which you can discuss or record, as you wish.

Previous week's reading

Year 6 grammar glossary to help you.

Science Links - Fun things to try at home


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This website has daily investigations that you can try at home:


Numeracy Links



TT Rockstars Remember you must spend the majority of your time in the Garage in order to progress to more complex questions. Complete a Gig sessions carefully when it replaces the Garage session to help you progress to further challenges. Check your heat map for red/orange facts as these are the ones which you need to improve your accuracy/speed.



Grammar Exercises

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