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Forest Schools

Welcome to our Forest School Section


This year our school is introducing Forest Fridays. This is an opportunity for all classes to experience, play in and learn about the woodland environment. We will be perusing fun activities in the Plantation which is just a short walk from the school. Activities may include playing games, den building, camp fires, making tree cookies using saws and drills, art, making habitats, identifying plants, and much more.


These activities have been designed to develop social, physical, cognitive, emotional, linguistic and spiritual aspects of a person while encouraging resilience, confidence, independence and creativity. A holistic approach in Forest Fridays enables children to solve problems, work collaboratively, be curious, build confidence, develop fine and gross motor skills, develop language, become empathetic and sympathetic to others, develop perseverance and experience achievement.






Forest Fridays is an exciting opportunity take risks in a safe environment. Risk assessments and risk benefit assessments have been conducted. Activities such as camp fires, using a saw or drill, climbing trees all contain some risk but in a safe environment these activities have benefits for a child’s learning.