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Questionnaire November 2016

Questionnaire Feedback November

When asked for 3 words to describe our school these were suggested (the bigger the font the more times it was said) ….


There were many positives given ranging from children wearing their own clothes on their birthday to the great purchase of a mini bus. Here are the ones that stand out and were repeated several times;

-Atmosphere in school
-Support given to all children
-The little playground and swimming huts
- Our gems
- Our induction process for new children.


There were also the areas that parents felt could be improved. Again there were a large range of answers from a dedicated gate opener to a letter box near the front door but the following were ones that were repeated several times ;


-More consistent home work – some parents requested more, some less, some more topic based, some less
-More after school clubs
-More outdoor learning
-Improved parking out the front of school


We also had some offers of help in school which we are really grateful for.

All areas will be carefully considered and we hope to action many in the next few weeks (heaters on the playground sadly may never happen).


Look out for: Parking news from the Parish Council, a year 2 plus sports club in the spring, our new rural retreat outdoor space and Roche court whole school project, an aspirations day and a letter regarding homework very soon.