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Skylarks Home Learning week beginning 21st September

Hello All,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. I have attached this weeks home learning tasks. There are some new spellings and some handwriting to practise. Please remember to practise your termly maths facts and your super spellings. How are the bug words coming along? Are you getting quicker at reading them?

You will find your logins inside your reading record books for Professor Assessor and Numbots today. I hope you enjoy practising your maths skills.

We will be learning all about traditional tales this week, so if you have any at home see if you can read them with somebody. 

Happy learning Skylarks

Mrs Fortis


Welcome to Skylarks








Class Teachers:                                       Mrs Fortis                                                       Mrs Edgar                                                                    




                                                                                         Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jenkins



week beginning 14-09-20

Hello Skylark Parents

Firstly I would like to say how amazing the class have been. They have settled incredibly well into their new class and all seem very happy and confident to come in. They are fully engaged in their learning and we are really enjoying getting to know them all.

In the documents below- website sept 1 and website sept are all of the details you need to help your children engage in their home learning. I will update the weekly work each Monday for you. Reading books will be coming home with your child today may I request they are popped back in their bookbags each day please.

Happy learning

Best wishes 

Mrs Fortis

Good morning pesky pickles!

This will be the last time I set you some home learning now before the Summer break. I want to start by saying a very big well done to all of you who have been completing work each week, I have really really enjoyed seeing what you have done and you should be very proud of yourselves. It cannot have been easy I am sure, and a very big thank you to your Mummy's and Daddy's who have helped you over the weeks, it must have been challenging at times.


Year 1 English, Maths and Science lessons can be found on the bbc bitesize website until the 24th.

I will attach White Rose maths for this week. This week we are looking at telling the time. This can be really tricky for children to master as we they don't really have much experience of using analogue clocks regularly. The best way of telling the time is to feed it into everyday life. Check what time it is often. At year one the expectation is that children undertstand units of time and can make estimations based on the length of these. Would you measure how long it take you to open a packet of crisps in seconds, minutes or hours for example. They also need to be able to read times for o'clock and half past the hour.


As it is nearly the end of term I have attached a sheet to tell your next teacher all about you. I have met with Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Groth and have spoken about all of you , so they know what you can do and things you maybe worry about. They are very excited to see you all in September.

I have attached some ideas for some Summer art activities for you to try.

I have also attached a gnome puzzle. This is tricky and would be good for you to do with a grown ups help. It is fun and you can be a detective!!

Our link school in Uganda are about to invite children back to school which is really exciting after such a long time away. Would you like to write a good luck card/letter to them? You can share this through school contact page.

We are also going to make a special book as a school with all of our lock down memories , if you would like to share your memories , maybe by drawing a picture or writing it down, we would love to receive them to add into our special book.


Finally I just want to say I am sad that I didn't get to teach you all for the whole year. You are a truly fabulous little class who are so positive and so much fun to work with. I am so proud of every single one of you and know some of you have found these weeks really tricky but have kept smiling and have done your best. I will see you all in September and I know you are going to be a Wren class to be very proud of.

I wish you all a happy healthy Summer break with lots of laughter and plenty of ice cream!!!!

Much love to you all

Mrs Fortis

Good morning minibeast wizards,

How are you all this week ? I have been very busy this week baking a birthday cake. It is for a football fan, so it is claret and blue. Can anybody guess which team he supports? It was very tricky to make and when it was cut open lots of sweeties fell out as a surprise. 

We are coming to the end of our minibeast topic now. We have learned so much haven't we?

This week I would like you to choose a minibeast we haven't studied yet and research lots of information about it. You can present what you find out in any way you choose. You may like to film a little documentary about it, make a poster or maybe a factfile? I cannot wait to see what you choose to do !

Thinking ahead to next year when you are all going to be big grown up Wrens, would you like to write a letter to Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Groth telling them about yourself or anything you would like them to know about you? You can e mail them to admin and I will pass them on for you ?

I will be organising an end of year quiz for you this Wednesday at 11am. There will be five rounds. Round 1- The United Kingdom

Round 2-Maths  Round 3- Skylark class  Round 4- Famous people  Round 5- Gems


I hope to see you on Wednesday and that you all have a lovely week.

Take care

Mrs Fortis

Good morning groovy gang,

How are you all today ? Yesterday I lay in the garden reading my book in the sunshine and today it is pouring with rain and blowing our trampoline around the garden. The weather is crazy isn't it ? Well I have finished writing your reports. I enjoyed writing them and thinking about each of you. I really enjoyed our mini beast quiz this week did you ? You have all learned so much! I will do another quiz next week. A general knowledge quiz. It will be Wednesday at 11. I will send an invite out this week.

This week is our last mini beast, chosen by me. I have chosen for us to learn about ants. They are small but absolutely incredible !!

Next week I am going to ask you to research your own chosen mini beast so get thinking. The final week we are going to make and create our own mini beasts !! I am really excited about this.

Mrs Jenkins has been strawberry picking this week and said they were so delicious. I tried a new recipe this week for strawberry mousse. It was so so scrummy my children keep asking when I am going to make it again. Has anybody else been cooking or baking ?

My son has been baking cakes and taking them to a local charity who provide food for people who don't have a home. He really enjoys this and he has been told the homeless people look forward to his bakes. My other son has finished his three year university course and got his result this week. It was the highest grade you could get, so I am a very proud mummy. So there has been lots of ruby and emerald power in my house this week, very sparkly indeed. Have you done anything you are really proud of that you would like to share with me ?

I look forward to your blogs and seeing you next week on Zoom if you can.

Take care little chickens

Mrs Fortis



Good morning to my fantastic little Skylark learners,

How are you this week? I went to see a friend for the first time in 3 months and sat in her back garden on Friday evening. We ate pizza and chatted for five hours!! It was really lovely. Have you been to see any friends or family? My little grandson came to play in my garden on Saturday. He loves the guinea pigs, so I took them out as he laughs at them trotting around. When I turned round my grandson had got inside the guinea pig's cage and was stuck! His Mummy had to squeeze him out. Oh dear !!

Mrs Jenkins has been working really hard around the school tidying all of the outside areas and gardening. The school looks very loved and is waiting for you all to come back to enjoy it.

Are you enjoying learning about mini beasts? I have learned so many things about them that I really didn't know, which has been great. This weeks star beast is going to be the creepy crawly spider. Some people are a little afraid of them but what I can say is they are incredible creatures. Have a look at this weeks attached learning timetable to follow our lessons in school. As always please share any work on our class blog page. I love it when I look and there is work there from my little Skylarks.

It is going to be a lovely sunny week so I hope you get to spend lots of time in the garden , maybe splashing in your paddling pools.

Have a great week chickens and I will write to you again next week.

Take care

Mrs Fortis

Good morning to all of the Sparkly Skylarks.

I hope you have all had a good weekend. I have been baking some cupcakes. They were raspberry and honey yogurt and were quite scrummy and yummy in my tummy. I also did some gardening as many of the my plants have grown so much, I had to give them all a little haircut. I could do with a little haircut. It looks like I have a mop growing out of my head!!!!

It was lovely to see so many of you on Zoom this week, although we did feel a little sad when you all went. It's very hard not all being together isn't it. I cannot wait to see you altogether again. Next week I will organise a little quiz on Zoom for you. It will be all about minibeasts. This week our star minibeast is a snail. Snails are fascinating creatures and they are very common so you should be able to find some this week. Some people eat snails and say they are jolly delicious cooked in garlic butter. Have you tried snails before ?

Mrs Jenkins has been gardening in school this week making everything look neat and tidy. It has been lovely to see her, we even had a two metres apart 'magic moment.' Have you managed to see any friends or family this week? My daughter and grandson came to my garden for the first time and we had a lovely chat and a cup of tea. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks tasks and I look forward to seeing your blogs showing me some of your work.

I miss you all so much but seeing you on Zoom and your work on the class blog really is very special.

Take care

Mrs Fortis xxx

Please click on the links below to access our Curriculum Information

Home Learning 8th June


Good morning crazy chickens,

How are you all ?  It was a bit chilly last week wasn’t it . Thank you for sharing some of your work on our class blog page it is lovely to see. I hope you enjoyed learning all about earthworms last week. Did you enjoy the Superworm story?

This week the theme of our learning is going to be ladybirds. I have popped on the learning we will be doing in class for you to follow if you can. Remember you don’t have to do it all.

I will be in touch with you this week with some dates and times for us to Zoom each other. I will also try to call some of you who I haven’t spoken to yet so be ready to tell me what you are up to!

I look forward to catching up with you all soon

Lots of love


Mrs Fortis

Week 3 home learning timetable


Skylark happiness and wellbeing 

It’s a really topsy turvy time for all of us at the moment and it can be tricky with us trying to work at home ourselves whilst keeping our little ones happy, safe and positive. Please remember their well being and happiness is the most important thing at this time. The work I have popped our page is there for you if you have the time, means and opportunity to do so. Please do not feel any pressure to complete all of it, it is there to help support you if you need it. 

Below are two lovely links to help entertain, calm and relax your children during this unusual time 

Useful Links

Year One Curriculum Objectives- Please click on the links below to view the end of year objectives for English (Reading and Writing) and Maths

Please click on and print the packs of flashcards below to support your child's phonics at home


Skylarks have been busy travelling around the UK in search of the Queen’s knickers .