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Welcome to Wrens!


We have a fabulous group of Year 2 children who are always bursting with excitement to learn. Over the course of the year, the children will be slaying dragons, discovering what Samuel Pepys buried in his garden in 1666 and taking a ride on Mr Grinling's rowing boat across to his lighthouse. There is never a dull moment in our class!


Make sure you keep an eye on the Wrens class page for updates on our learning and the adventures!




Message from Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Groth WB 6th July 2020


Hi everyone, 


How are you all doing? We are very much looking forward to our zoom meeting on Wednesday to say 'hello' to you all and round off our very strange year as your class teachers in Wrens. Remember to think of one thing you'd like to show us or tell us, as the whole class is invited so we could end up with 31 pieces of news!! 


Mrs Groth spent Saturday painting the bathroom, followed by a Mexican meal cooked by Ollie. On Sunday, she visited her Mum in the New Forest and had a delicious cream tea. 


This week Mrs Malcolm and her family have been walking, gardening and baking; in between being at school of course! Their vegetable patch is coming along nicely and they are looking forward to trying some of their home grown food soon. Over the weekend they have been trying to decide on whether to go camping in the Summer. The boys are very excited, Mrs Malcolm is not so sure!! 


Keep smiling and we hope to see you on the Zoom meeting on Wednesday! 


Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Groth laugh


HOME LEARNING 6th July 2020



Final Two Weeks of Home Learning


For your final two weeks of home learning we have planned a Zoo Project for you. We won't give too much away, but all the information you need is in the letter here and in the pdf document in the resources section below. There are 8 main tasks with an additional creative task included with each task too. We hope you enjoy the project and would love to see any pictures on the blog you'd like us to see. Have fun! 





Zoo Project

Ongoing English Activities 


(1) Pobble- You can select any Pobble pictures that inspire you to think creatively. Here is one that links well to our Zoo Project-


(2) Spellings- Continue to use the lists of words to identify, practise and improve your reading and spelling. 

-Take 6-10 words a week and practise using different spelling activities (see the ideas provided in your red home learning books).

-If you can correctly spell all the Year 1 and Year 2 words, have a look at the additional sheet for the next words that you will begin to read and spell in KS2.





We continue to use White Rose to support home learning in Maths. The worksheets and answers for each lesson this week are included below.  

Some lessons are revision lessons where skills and knowledge are being consolidated. 


We continue to encourage your child to use NumBots to secure their Addition and Subtraction Facts and Times Tables Rock stars to develop their multiplication and division facts as frequently as possible to help practise, improve and consolidate these facts. 


Remember to check your heat map on TT Rock Stars to help you identify the facts that you need to improve. 


For additional Maths activities the links below have a useful range of Maths games:




Over the last few weeks of term and during the Summer holidays you will no doubt be thinking alot about ending your time as a Wren and beginning your journey into Key Stage Two to be Kingfishers. 


Continue to use your Blob tree and the Mindfulness journal to help you find ways to identify and talk about your feelings.


In the resources below we have created a transition activity book for you to use at home between now and September. 


Additional Useful links


Below are some additional useful links that you may wish to use to support your child at home during this time. 


Wellbeing and Mental Health

Latest Photos- FUNdamentals