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Welcome to Wrens

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Class Bio


Welcome to Wrens!


We have a fabulous group of Year 2 children who are always bursting with excitement to learn. Over the course of the year, the children will be slaying dragons, discovering what Samuel Pepys buried in his garden in 1666 and taking a ride on Mr Grinling's rowing boat across to his lighthouse. There is never a dull moment in our class!


Make sure you keep an eye on the Wrens class page for updates on our learning and the adventures!




Home Learning- Week Two

As we begin week 2, you may well be working your way through the first set of home learning activities. Using the document below you can access the next set of activities for your child to use to support their cross-curricular home learning. We have also included some useful links which may provide some additional information at this time. Please also see the guidance below regarding Maths home learning tasks.


We look forward to sharing you fantastic home learning books when we return to school. 



Maths Home Learning

As we continue to provide useful suggestions for home learning tasks we would like to direct you to the White Rose Maths website to enable you to continue to support your child’s mathematical learning whilst we are not at school.

The website is generating weekly sets of home learning for each academic year group (from EYFS-Y6) and tasks will be presented in a way in which your child is familiar with from their school lessons. Each session consists of a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully, a worksheet of carefully selected questions and an answer sheets for the questions completed. We recommend that alongside the frequent use of Times Table Rockstars and/or NumBots you take the opportunity to use these fantastic sets of Maths resources (for your child’s year group only) at home to continue to support your child.

Y2 tasks for home learning set 2 2020

Wellbeing and Mental Health


Message from Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Groth (week 1)


Hello Lovely Wrens, it's Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Groth here!


We hope you are all finding lots of fun things to do with your extra time off. How lucky are we that the sun has been shining everyday so far! 


This week we went into school together on Monday. It was very strange being in our classroom without the bubbly energy of you cheeky monkeys there. It did mean that we could have a really big sort... the cupboard and classroom look very tidy and we have moved the tables (again!) We wonder if you can find your new table space when we get back!? 


On Wednesday Mrs Malcolm was in school with some of the children we were looking after. They had a lovely creative day together doing clay sculpture, art and PE. They also had a go at using Stop Motion Studio to make animations (the same app we used for our Great Fire of London animations). If you're looking for things to do, see if Mummy/Daddy can download this app for you to try at home.


Mrs Groth is at home today with Heidi (Happy Birthday for today Heidi- we will make sure we spin you on the birthday chair when we get back!) and on Friday is back in school. Mrs Groth is looking forward to spending some time with the children who will be in and finding out about all the fun things they have done this week. We hope you have some great ideas of things to do at home before the weekend too.  


Amongst all the lovely things you are doing we hope you are also beginning to enjoy some of the home learning tasks in your red books. We planned these enjoyable activities for you to have a go at while you are off and (where possible) we have tried to link these to our learning this term and our topic next term.

Please remember that you will have days where you get more things done than others and that is ok! Complete these at your own pace, try your best and use your Diamond Power as much as you can. 


We will be using our class pages to keep you updated, provide additional tasks and suggest useful links and websites. We would recommend that you also look at the suggestions on class pages from previous years (Skylarks and Robins only). 

We please ask that you avoid working on topic-based activities provided by the Key Stage 2 classes; we would like to retain the awe and wonder of our sparkly curriculum when these topics are discovered in class when your child returns to school. 


Before we go we would like to introduce our note box to you all. (Thank you Charlie and Joe for decorating it)


We are missing hearing your news, stories and funny jokes so much already. Whilst you are away from school if you have anything you'd like to tell us about, write it on a little piece of paper and keep it safe. When we get back to school you can put all your notes in the box and we will enjoy reading and sharing all your lovely comments. We may add in a few funny stories and cheeky jokes ourselves too!


Lots of smiles and happiness to you all and we hope to see you all again as soon as we can.


Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Groth 





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