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Pupil absence and illness

Pupil Absence due to sickness


At Winterslow, we are keen for children to maximise the time they spend in school whilst ensuring they are healthy and ready to learn.


We encourage parents to assess their child's health. Where a child is feeling 'under the weather' they may still attend school and parents can notify class teachers so they are monitored through the school day.


If a child is too unwell to attend school (or following guidance on particular medical illness/conditions) they must remain at home until they are healthy and able to return. 


As a school, we know our pupils really well and have supportive relationships with each individual. These relationships enable use to recognise when our pupils are healthy enough to be able to be in school and when they may be too unwell and need to go home. 


Please visit the NHS website for more information about illness in school:  NHS guidance