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Shanghai Host School Visit 18th January 2019


Shanghai host school visit

Last week, we were very lucky to have teachers from Shanghai, Ms Wang and Ms Lingyi, come to visit us. We had an amazing day, celebrating what we do well and sharing and collaborating ideas.

Upon arrival, our visitors were welcomed by Mrs Bone and we exchanged gifts. They liked the gem captain badges and our school T-shirts and we love the Chinese friendship knot they gave us, which is now hanging in reception. Our visitors had the opportunity to observe how we teach maths in all our classes, before they taught a maths lesson to Year 4 in front of our teaching staff. In the afternoon Ms Wang and Ms Lyngyi experienced Mrs Bone lead Super Star worship. They ended the day with parents at the Woodpecker’s cake sale, where they LOVED the coffee cake and rainbow cakes, and went home with cake keyring souvenirs.


It was fantastic to have the teachers come to visit us, they were very impressed by all the children, in particular their ability to reason and articulate their ideas. Both children and staff were able to benefit from having them to stay, as many teachers were able to come and watch their lesson. The Shanghai teachers also commented on how kind all our staff were and they were amazed by our displays.


Mrs Hill will continue to use what she has learned from the Shanghai exchange programme to help expand the continued teacher professional development at our school. We are very proud of the work and progress that all the teachers and children have made over the last couple of years towards Teaching for Maths Mastery.